Five Sources of Power

By Allyson Appen
MIND: The mind is a very important source of power. You may have a lot of body strength, but if you doubt your ability, then you will have a hard time achieving your goal. Your positive attitude and belief that you can accomplish your goal will help you to realize it. “Mind over matter” or “Accomplishing the goal by a force of will” are some phrases that describe the power of the mind. BODY: Your body is an obvious source of power and strength. You can become stronger through body conditioning, weight training, and stamina-oriented exercises.

SPIRIT: “The power of a positive attitude” refers to one’s spirit. If you approach things with enthusiasm and focus, you can accomplish many goals. You can also share your good spirit with others and better develop teamwork. Even when things are not going well, a strong spirit can help one overcome many obstacles.

SOUL: The soul is the very private and personal essence of one’s being. While the spirit is an outward expression of power and energy, the soul is an internal source of strength. Your ethics and system of principles lie within your soul, and by making decisions and facing challenges from your center of good principles, you can feel confident that you are taking the best path for you. “A kind heart” makes reference to that person’s soul and inner being.

KI: Ki, Chi, and Qi refer to one’s internal energy. By concentrating and focussing on relaxing the body and “flowing” the ki, one can express power greater than “normal” body strength. This expression of power is demonstrated by “superhuman” acts, such as lifting a car that has rolled over someone.